Strengthening Relationships – How it Works

Individual Therapy

Have you discovered you’re having the same relationship over and over again?  Are the partners changing, but the behaviors are staying the same?  Your deepest beliefs influence how you show up in relationships.  Individual therapy is a safe and empowering way to examine your assumptions about yourself and your close relationships. After a divorce or any other major life change, your emotions can take center stage.  What do you do with all the sadness and anger that seem to take over your thoughts and actions?  How do you function in life when your insecurities seem to be running the show? Navigating these feelings can help you get reconnected to what’s most important to you. Personal transformation can occur through the simple but profound step of taking responsibility for your feelings and actions.

Couples Therapy

Are you worn out from constantly arguing with your spouse?  Does it feel like you can’t agree on very much and are at an impasse? Research shows that sometimes the very quality that attracted couples to each other can, over years, begin to grate on each other’s nerves. Couples therapy can help you explore and understand the differences between you and navigate towards a less contentious relationship. When you engage a couple’s therapist, you’re ensured a neutral party, one who’ll listen closely to both sides. I’ll help you engage a wider perspective, often triggering a realization about just why you’re in each other’s lives.

Family Therapy, including Blended Families

When you marry or remarry someone with children, your marriage inherits some challenges: individual personalities beyond the person you married, family cultures, unvoiced expectations and questions about the  role you play in the new family system.  Add complex scheduling to the mix and it’s no wonder blended families report being overwhelmed. I will work with you to help maintain a civil and productive relationship with all participants in your blended family. With so many personalities involved, “normal” developmental issues can sometimes get lost in the complicated interrelationships of all the family members. With the support of a trained professional, your family can transform emotional and logistical challenges into meaningful solutions.  Our sessions provide a safe and productive environment, where all the parties involved can examine their interrelationships with each other. Acknowledging differing parenting styles, where overlap is important and where it isn’t, is the first step in creating a blended family that works in tandem, advancing the best interests of your child(ren).