Unplanned Conversations

Co-Parenting: Communicating for Results (C4R) – Unplanned Conversations, is the first of two day-long experiential/skill-building courses.

Dr. Tuchman is pleased to bring Dr. Kate Regan to the Bay Area. Dr. Regan developed C4R to help corporations improve their communications, focusing on difficult conversations. The course was very well-received. She was given feedback from the participants saying it improved their communications at work and, more importantly, made a difference in their lives outside of work, most specifically in their personal relationships. While we maintained the theoretical framing, we rewrote the course to be about the needs of co-parents and their difficult conversations. It is designed to help them develop more effective communication skills and be better able to problem-solve with their former partners.

C4R is being offered as two, one-day courses; Part I addresses the skills needed to have Unplanned Conversations. Part II addresses the skills needed to have Planned Conversations. The course will be taught over two full days with a number of weeks separating Part I and Part II. This break provides an opportunity to practice new skills. Should Part I participants also take Part II (which we recommend), they will be able to discuss their experiences. New skills become rooted in habit only when they are practiced, observed, critiqued, coached, and practiced again. This course has been developed not only to provide you with information about effective communication practices, but to also create a community of practice within which to develop your skills.

Program Agenda for Part I

1. Challenge My Story
2. Manage My Ego
3. Working with Rank (Power and Authority)
4. Listen, Be Curious and WAV (Witness, Articulate, Validate)

Program Agenda for Part II

1. Understanding Motivation and Preparing for a Tough Conversation
2. Creating Motivation for Commitment to Action
3. Working with Unmet Agreements
4. Change the Dance
5. Practicing and Maintaining Your New Skills

Maintaining and Strengthening Your New Skills

As an adjunct to the content of the course, and as a way to develop a community of practice to support the ongoing development of their new skills, Dr. Tuchman will offer 1.5 hour group coaching sessions in between Parts I and II. Dates to be determined.


Attendees may take Part I without also taking Part II, however, they cannot take Part II unless they have taken Part I. Part II builds on the skills learned in Part I.


Co-parents may not take the course together. New communication patterns between former partners develop even when only one of the parents changes the way they communicate. Attendees will work with other parents who are working on many of the same issues.

Class Size

At this time, the class is limited to 6 participants.

There will be a Waiting List if the course fills up.


The course will take place at Dr. Tuchman’s Oakland office:

19 Glen Eden Avenue.

Participants will receive further location information when they register.

Registration and Fees

Part I – January 27, 2019

$315 (before January 12th)

$365 (after January 12th)

At this time, it is only possible to register for Part I. Part II will be available for registration after Part I has started.

Group Coaching Sessions

$50 per person for each session

Seminar Schedule


(There will be an hour break for lunch. Lunch is not provided)

Coffee, tea and snacks will be available.

Group Coaching Sessions

$50 per person for each session


19 Glen Eden Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611


Refunds are available, if requested, two weeks before the start of the course, less a $50 administrative fee.

Certificate of Completion

Participants will be provided with a Certificate of Completion. Both classes must be attended to receive the certificate. Parents may bring the certificate to court, indicating they have successfully completed the course.

Those interested in attending the course may click this link to enroll through Eventbrite:

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